We offer exclusive relaxers such as Mizani, and Affirm. Curly, frizzy hair is one of the most difficult hair types to manage. Whether you love your curls or curse them, one thing is for certain – straightening curly hair is always a challenge. At Stylist Showcase Hair Salon, our salon experts are certified to help straighten hair with relaxers. Hair relaxers break down the chemical bonds that naturally make your hair curly. After your hair treatment, our stylists will give you tips to help you in maintaining healthy straight hair.

Not all relaxers are made equal! Each of the relaxers our stylists are trained in have different properties and are designed to smooth different hair types and textures. While our stylists can guide you to the best hair products for your hair, we’ve provided some information on some of our products below.

Thio Relaxers – One of the more commonly used hair relaxers, Thio relaxers break disulfide bonds in hair. After exposure, the hair is rinsed and towel dried. Subsequently, our stylist will treat your hair with a neutralizer.

Alkaline Relaxers – For natural hair, alkaline relaxers are one of the safest choices. Often combined with alkaline salt minerals, alkaline relaxers can be used as an alternative to Brazilian Blowouts or Keratin Hair Treatments. Ask one of our experts if the alkaline relaxer is right for you!

Lye & No Lye Relaxers – Lye relaxers utilize sodium hydroxide to chemically treat the hair. While the difference in lye and no lye relaxers is only a few points on the pH scale (12-14 lye & 9-11 for no lye), it does make a huge difference. No lye relaxers can lead to dryer hair when used improperly. Our stylists will help determine which is best for you!

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